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Crete is the largest of the islands and possibly the least known by tourists and by yachting enthusiasts. It has excellent sailing and yacht charters and is unique in it's stark and majestic scenery. Some cognoscenti actually consider Crete as the premium charter yachting vacation in Greece. Crete island separates the Aegean from the Libyan Sea, and marks the boundary between Europe and Africa. Island of Crete is a cruise through paradise. One of the Greece yachting and sailing favorite destination, there you can find all the main types of yacht charter available such as motor yachts, sailing boats, cruising gullets, bare boat charter etc. Welcome to Crete island, Greece.

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Azimut 55 Crete Lila Yacht Crete Alexandra Yacht Crete Elegant Motor Yacht
Base: Heraklion
Produced: 2003
Length: 17.51 m
Length: 57.43 ft
Charter guests: 6
Starting at:
16.000 €
Base: Chania, Crete
Produced: 2008
Length: 20.50 m
Length: 64 ft
Charter guests: 8
Starting at:
31.850 €
Base: Rethymnon
Produced: 2008
Length: 50.30 m
Length: 165 ft
Charter guests: 14
Starting at:
23.570 €
Base: Heraklion
Produced: 2008
Length: 72.40 m
Length: 238 ft
Charter guests: 30
Starting at:
65.000 €

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yacht charter in Crete island yacht charter Crete island Greece yacht charter Crete island Greece yacht charter Crete
Galeon Fly Crete Azimut 42 Crete Yacht Day At A Time Yacht X-Treme Yacht charter
Base: Elounda, Crete
Produced: 2008
Length: 16.28 m
Length: 53.4 ft
Charter guests: 6+4
Starting at:
13.500 €
Base: Elounda, Crete
Produced: 2008
Length: 16.22 m
Length: 42.2 ft
Charter guests: 6+1+1
Starting at:
8.800 €
Base: Heraklion
Produced: 2008
Length: 21.80m m
Length: 71.97 ft
Charter guests: 8+1
Starting at:
29.960 €
Base: Crete island
Produced: 2008
Length: 21.90 m
Length: 72.15 ft
Charter guests: 6+2
Starting at:
4.150 €
Greece & Greek islands Sailing - Crete sailing yacht chartering
sailing yacht charter in Crete Greece Crete sailing yacht charter yacht rental - hire Crete yachting Crete island Greece
Marina Sailing Crete Panthenon Sailing Alfa Yacht Crete Prince Motor Yacht
Base: Hersonissos
Produced: 2004
Length: 20.00 m
Speed: 10 knots
Charter guests: 8
Starting at:
14.850 €
Base: Chania, Crete
Produced: 2005
Length: 52 m
Speed: 13 knots
Charter guests: 50
Starting at:
15.500 €
Base: Malia, Crete
Produced: 2008
Length: 44.40 m
Length: 133.5 ft
Charter guests: 12
Starting at:
22.300 €
Base: Heraklion
Produced: 2009
Length: 26.37 m
Length: 85.41 ft
Charter guests: 6
Starting at:
49.000 €
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